1 – It is magical because it is so peaceful

A magical mermaid floating peacefully
Floating mermaid

There is nothing quite like it. It is truly magical. Whilst swimming as a mermaid, you forget about daily life, daily stress and can relax! I love floating in my mermaid tail, ears in the water, listening to the white noise created.

When swimming underwater, you feel magical! You can move through the water faster and more gracefully!

2 – It is so much fun! It really is magical!

Mermaids doing a handstand with a castle in the background - truly magical
Mermaids doing handstands

When was the last time you got to play? And I mean no inhibitions – acting like a little child (if you are an adult). When was the last time you did a handstand? (in the water or out!) [sidenote: I actually do handstands and cartwheels quite regularly just to make sure I still can!]

It’s quite rare as adults, or even as teenagers, that we get to do just that – have fun. Embrace this side of you – this is what being a mermaid is all about! Fun, creative and safe.

3 – You can improve your skills

Mermaid swimming through a hoop - a fun and playful way to improve your skills as a mermaid
Mermaid swimming through a hoop

You can challenge yourself and improve. I’m also there, as a swimming teacher, to help you develop and give you pointers to make small changes so that you feel more confident and achieve your goals. [hello 10 second handstand!]

I love seeing people (mermaids, sharks or mermen) learn new skills or develop the skills they have. Whether it is someone who has never done a forward roll before, or wants to challenge themselves by doing it without using their arms, that’s what I’m there for!

4 – You can work towards awards!

Awards - be rewarded for your magical mermaid swimming!
Mermaids and awards

There are a range of certificates to work towards whether you are a child or an adult. I haven’t had any adults WANT to work towards but you are more than welcome to!

As I have a Water Safety Partnership with the Royal Life Saving Society, I have access to Fin2Fit awards. These are available to adults or children and include the following:

  • Gold, Silver and Bronze
  • 5m, 10m, 25m, 50m, 100m, 200m, 250m

They are available to purchase online: here – just let me know before ordering and I can make sure I have them in stock!

5 – It is inclusive

Multitude of fins in a multitude of sizes.  Sizes for everyone - mermaid swimming is magical and inclusive
Mermaid tails in all colours and sizes

Another magical thing about mermaids is how inclusive it is. I am so passionate about mermaids being for everyone! I have tails available in every size, to fit everyone I possibly can.

I also have taught most mermaid age groups… from age 6 to age 70+.

I’m often asked ‘What about boys?’ as I tend to use the word ‘mermaids’. I have had boys/men join me! I try to keep one green/blue/black tail in each of the children’s sizes so that boys who gravitate towards those colours are included. However, from experience, the boys I have taught want the rainbow tail or the pink tail! (This is why, when I have photos of boys, they are wearing these colours – they have chosen them, not me!!).

I use the term ‘mermaids’ as 98% of those that I teach are girls who associate with that term. However, I have mermen and shark certificates as well as mermaid certificates – just ask!

6 – Mermaids become part of your lifestyle

Cody eating a magical mermaid dessert - South Coast Mermaids mermaid yoghurt dessert!
Blue food in a mermaid bowl!

Once you get the bug, you’re hooked (oh dear – such a bad pun!), soon you will be tagged in anything to do with mermaids on Facebook or Instagram.

Next, you will start browsing tails… then start looking at silicone tails (then stop when you see the prices!)

You are likely to be found in mermaid shoes, mermaid leggings, a mermaid headband and mermaid make up. (that might just be me!)

I am constantly asked if I’m going to the gym…. nope, I just dress like a mermaid on land!

You will sign official documents with your mermaid pen (or a glitter pen in one case!), watch TV shows about mermaids (Siren) and will even sit through the superhero film, Aquaman, because, well… mermaids! [absolutely no other reason, obviously!].

You will start eating blue yoghurt, from a mermaid bowl, sipping a mermaid smoothie from a mermaid glass!

7 – Mermaids are only going to get bigger…

Halle Bailey as Ariel in the Little Mermaid Live Action Film.  Photo credit - Getty images from Radio Times Article.  Link in caption.
Getty Images – from Radio Times

Disney are remaking the Little Mermaid as a Live Action Film!! How amazing will this be?! Halle Bailey (above) has been cast as Ariel.

There are rumours that Splash will also get a remake…

Production for the Live Action Little Mermaid is due to start in 2020… so you are well ahead of the game.

Being a mermaid or merman is magical and I hope you find the magic when your dreams of swimming like a mermaid or merman come true!

Do you want to join in the fun? Book here!

Would you add anything else? What do you think is magical about being a mermaid or merman?


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