Good luck on your SATS mermaids!!! Sending you lots of love. 


A test doesn’t define you, a test doesn’t measure your worth. 

A test won’t determine if you succeed in life, it won’t stop you from achieving your goals. 

These tests won’t measure what a friend you are or how you treat other people.

These tests don’t measure generosity, strength of character, humbleness, humility, empathy, trust, honesty, kindness, dependability, loyalty, confidence and humour! 

Above all, these tests are not a measure of you! 

Shine bright, do your best but remember, that there are much more important things in life than pieces of paper with grades on them. 

Did you know? I didn’t do year 6 SATs!
I was in America at the time. 

Me, aged 11 (ish)

Did you also know, I went to University (got a Law with Human Biology degree), did a PGCE (so I could teach), did my Masters in Education so I could enhance my career…. and, do you know when I’m happiest? When I’m teaching swimming! 

I’m happiest when I’m making your mermaid dreams come true. 

Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t change anything… I had to go through the journey I did to get where I am… but the pieces of paper aren’t as important as happiness.

I gave up full time teaching when I had Cody (goodbye 80 hour weeks) and, with the support of my husband, have about 6 jobs (all zero hours contracts!) and I love every single one! That is the most important thing! That, and spending time with my son. I’m so grateful to Isaac for working full time so I get this opportunity.

I’m going back to what I told my parents I wanted to do when I was age 10… a swimming instructor!

(I also wanted to teach skiing but I need the snow ❄️!) 

Now, go for your goals, reach for your dreams, work hard! But remember: you are worth more than tests in one week of primary school!

I’m proud of all of you!!! 

Sending you wishes this Sat’s week!