I have been promising you details of my FinFun custom mermaid tail for a while now!  Whilst FinFun posted it about it on their blog, I have some extra photos to share! 

Custom Mermaid Tail Design

FinFun kindly designed this custom mermaid tail for the sponsored swim at Arundel Lido.  Their designers worked with me and took inspiration from the castle as well as some of my ideas. 

With this historic castle in mind, Fin Fun’s lead tail designer created a personalized mermaid tail that resembles the medieval elegance the castle is known for. The stone pattern imitates the medieval walls, the stained glass mimics the beautiful cathedral and the lilies sends a gentle nod toward the well-known gardens surrounding the castle.

The gorgeous details

The Castle

Arundel Castle overlooks Arundel Lido and provides a gorgeous backdrop for swimming.  It is steeped in history.  The scales of the tail look like stones in the castle wall!  However, they retain that ‘mermaid scale’ shape.  

I love that the headstone of the arch says ‘FinFun’, which is a clever way of incorporating the brand into my tail, as well as being quite perfect.  A headstone gives support to the whole arch. FinFun gave me so much support for this event in terms of providing tails for the swimmers, the tail for me and the banner! 

The Castle also inspired the stained glass window design, which just pops when compared with the stonework scales. 

The details

As you might have noticed, FinFun incorporated my 4th generation wedding veil into this custom mermaid tail design.  I love this element so much.  Nikki thought I was going to cry when I noticed it!  [spoiler alert: I didn’t; I was far too stressed about the swim!]

My wedding veil was worn by my great grandmother, my grandmother, my mum and then by me.  It has so much meaning and we all wore it in such different ways. 

Overall look

FinFun paired the custom mermaid tail perfectly with the blue bikini and the details around the heels looked amazing when doing handstands.  

I'm giggling in my custom FinFun mermaid tail and matching bikini whilst floating in the pool at Arundel Lido
Anna giggling in her custom FinFun mermaid tail and matching bikini at Arundel Lido
custom mermaid tail at Arundel lido with Arundel castle in the background
Anna in her custom mermaid tail at Arundel Lido, with Arundel Castle in the background

Whilst out in Las Vegas for some training with FinFun, I couldn’t resist getting photos with another kind of castle – so here it is!  This was taken at Excalibur in Las Vegas.

Custom FinFun mermaid tail at the excalibur castle in Las Vegas
Anna doing a handstand underneath the castle at Excalibur, Las Vegas

Hands up who wants to see photos of all four generations in the veil??

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