The short answer…

No, but let me explain why and what alternatives there are!You are in safe hands with me!  I check all the equipment before each session.  Your child (or yourself) will only be able to use fins that have been approved by the Royal Life Saving Society.  

As such, if you or your child has their own fin, it must be a FinFun fin (as those have been approved) if you would like to use it in one of my sessions. 

However, you can wear your own tail skin if it is a good fit.  You will find that most skins are compatible and will fit over my fins!  

You could choose to buy your own FinFun tail! I offer a range of FinFun items for sale and can provide matching swimwear and accessories!  If you do have a FinFun fin, I will inspect it before you swim in it.  This is just to ensure that you are safe!

You do not have to buy anything additional to swim with me, all equipment is provided in a full range of sizes.  At the last count, there were over 60 tails skins for you to choose from!