Why FinFun Mermaid Tails?

I chose FinFun Mermaid Tails because it was the brand recommended by Fin2Fit and the Royal Life Saving Society.  My CPD for teaching mermaid swimming is held by Fin2Fit.

Then, I became a proud FinFun Mermaid U Member.

Mermaid University by FinFun

Since then, I have fallen in love with the brand.  (I know that sounds strange – but let me tell you why!)

Why Do I Love FinFun?

It’s the people.

Now maybe that makes more sense! I even follow two of the staff members on instagram. 

Everyone I have spoken to has been supportive and helpful, helping me to make all of your dreams come true. 

FinFun truly want me to succeed!

Aside from them being lovely, their products are amazing.  The quality is exceptional and their customer service goes above and beyond. 

[ps – I am not being paid to write this]

Let’s talk about why FinFun’s products are fantastic:

Safety Features:

The quick release system is brilliant – it means that beginner adults and children can get a feel of what mermaiding is like, with the knowledge that they are not ‘trapped’ in the fins.  Getting out of the fin is easy, and, what’s better, FinFun have a video showing you how it can be done!

FinFun also reinforce the safety steps needed before you swim like a mermaid.  They are similar to mine, and I love that this company takes pride in making sure that mermaids and mermen are ‘mermaid tail ready’.  

Range of Colours:

There are just so many different colours available as well as special edition designs.  This means that you can find ‘your colour’.  Mine is Tidal Teal – I have the matching suit and I feel amazing in it. 

Anna on a beach in a tidal teal FinFun mermaid tail
Anna in her Tidal Teal FinFun tail

Their full range of styles allows you to let your creativity shine through.  Some of my other favourites include Sunset Sky, Sea Spirits and the Atlantis Pacific Pearl. 


They keep coming out with amazing new products.  From the FinFun Advanced Monofin Pro and the Atlantis tail collection (with 3D fins) to the glow in the dark Luna Tide and the Hip Flip tail! 

Anna in the FinFun Atlantis Pacific Pearl - At the Isle of Wight Pearl Dive
FinFun Atlantis Pacific Pearl – At the Isle of Wight Pearl Dive

Also, what gets more innovative than creating your own mermaid tail? Use their custom tail designer and design the tail of your dreams!

Other Products:

Those of you who know me, know that a rarely frequent the gym.  However, I am likely to be found in FinFun leggings.  [hello, awkward conversations: are you off to the gym? no, no, I just live in mermaid leggings!]

FinFun mermaid leggings in Pacific Pearl
FinFun mermaid leggings in Pacific Pearl

I have yet to find a pair of leggings I like better than FinFun leggings – and I would know, I have 5 pairs.  They are that good.

Resources for Teachers:

This would (should) be higher up, but I feel that this is important to me as an instructor rather than you as a reader!  As an instructor, I have access to high quality resources and videos to support and enhance my teaching.  Whether it’s party plans (have you checked out their Pinterest mermaid party board?!) or mermaid fitness plans, I’ve always been inspired. 

They also have resources which can be used to promote Mermaid U classes for you, such as posters and leaflets.  Alongside this, they are constantly bringing out new ideas which they are happy to share with you.  As I said earlier, they genuinely want to see your business succeed! 

Their Kindness:

They designed a tail especially for my mermaid sponsored swim.  I am well aware of how lucky I am.  Plus, I will tell you all about my tail [coming soon]. 

This tail was not only stunning, but meaningful and the designers even incorporated my 4th generation veil into the design. 

Custom FinFun mermaid tail with Arundel Castle in the background
My custom FinFun Mermaid tail, designed by them!

FinFun also sent tails for my mermaids to swim in at the mermaid sponsored swim.  I was so grateful.  Plus, my mermaids and mermen got to swim in the most gorgeous array of tails.  These tails are going to be auctioned off to raise even more money for charity.  


I think it’s clear to see why I love FinFun Mermaid tails, but more than that, I love their brand and what they stand for.

I’m grateful that FinFun put their customers and staff at the forefront of the business, as well as ensuring that their tails are safe. The staff are amazing, and I was thrilled to meet Christine in Las Vegas (more on that soon!). I might just have to plan another trip out to the states for another vacation with my best friend and drop into their head office in Idaho! It would be lovely to meet the lovely ladies I follow on Instagram!


  1. Just purchased my 1st tail through Fin Fun (Pacific Pearl)! As a mom I decided to do something magical for myself for a change. I too chose this company because as much as I wanted to be a mermaid , the safety of the quick release is a must for me. I have no desire to ever compromise my safety even as a “pro” mermaid in the future I still prefer that reassurance over being “stuck” in those silicone or closed tails without safety features. Thanks for your article and your custom tail is absolutely beautiful!

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