So, way back in the day, I had the role of craft director at summer camp, and that’s where I learned to make god’s eyes. I LOVED this job so much. This is the job that ultimately led me to finish my law degree, but then sign up to do a PGCE!

It was a learning curve that first year, but I loved it so much! From basket weaving to leather stamping to button (badge) making to lanyards… it was all so fun.

I’ll be sharing more crafts over the next few weeks and months, hopefully involving craft supplies you have around the house or could easily get a hold of.

Facebook Live Video – god’s eyes

For now, here is the craft I did on Facebook Live – god’s Eyes.

You can download printable instructions here.

History of god’s eyes

I said I would signpost you to the historical information about these, as I’m sure someone can explain it far better than I can! They are from the Huichol, an indigenous people from Western Mexico. These ‘god’s eyes’ had lots of meaning as they were started when a child was born and new string was added each year until they were 5. The four points represented the four elements; earth, wind, water, fire. I’ve read this article about how the number 5 was incredibly important to the Huichol people.

What you will need

  • lollipop sticks (popsicle sticks) OR two twigs 
  • wool (ideally in different colours)
  • scissors 
  • glue (optional)

Step by step

First, cross your lollipop sticks over in the middle with them perpendicular to each other.

Lollipop sticks for god's eyes
Cross the sticks over in the middle at right angles to each other

Next, wrap your first colour of wool round the sticks diagonally, three times one way and three times the other way.

step one of god's eyes
Wrap the wool around three times one way, then three times the other way.

Take your string, go over the next stick, around the back and onto the next stick.  Repeat this but don’t overlap the wool.

Starting gods eye weaving

TOP TIP: It is easier to turn the sticks as you go.

To change colour, simply tie a knot between the two different colour strings and keep going.  Try to line up the knot with the back of one of the lollipop sticks .

Now, to make a tassel, wrap some string around your hand a few times.  Slide it off carefully and tie another piece of string around the top, about 1/3 way down.

Snip the bottom to create your tassel, trim any longer ends.  Then attach it to your god’s eye.

Completed god's eyes

Finally, create a loop of wool to hang it from.  Tie it to the top of your god’s eye at the back.

Completed god's eyes

Finished god’s eyes

Create them in lots of bright colours and show me your designs!

Again, download the instructions here

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