I’m Anna and let me tell you how you can experience the magic of mermaid and shark swimming…

South Coast Mermaids provides your child the opportunity to swim like a mermaid, merman or shark!

Your child can experience the magic and wonder of a new version of the sport they love, sprinkled with South Coast Mermaid’s magic!

From the warm up, to the cool down, each part of the lesson is thought through to ensure your children enjoy safe, fun and creative swimming sessions.

How do you book your child into a mermaid and shark session?

Simply click here which will take you to our booking pages – each venue has different dates which tend to be:

Arundel Lido – Every Thursday from May to September

Arun Leisure Centre (Bognor Regis, Felpham) – every Saturday all year

Littlehampton Wave (Sea Road, Littlehampton) – Monthly, usually the first Sunday of the Month

What different kinds of session can you book for your child?

Mermaid, Merman or Shark Experience Session

An experience session where your child will learn how to do mermaid handstands, tail flicks and more! Diving for treasure and swimming round seaweed also feature in some of our sessions!

Mermaid and Shark Classes

Featuring blocks of lessons in which your child will learn key skills and progress them over six weeks. These often work out slightly more cost effective. There are opportunities for your child to work individually and in a group and I always try to include their favourite activities.

Adult and Child Mermaid Sessions

What a better way to experience the magic of being a mermaid with you by their side. In theses session, your children take the role of teacher, with that magic sprinkled in! Your child will show you how to do a handstand, tail flick and more! If you both haven’t swum with me before, you will be taught all of these skills together, progressing as you become more confident. You can swim round each other and watch each other swim through the hoop.

Mini Mermaids and Shark Parties

Any children aged 5+ who do not meet our swimming requirements can take part in these sessions. Your child can experience being a mermaid or shark, fully supported by you. Although these are normally run as private parties, they can be put on if there is enough demand! An adult must support each child on a 1-1 basis.

Individual mini mermaid and shark sessions!

Mermaid and Shark Parties

The most exciting and comprehensive sessions we offer. These are private bookings that put your child at the centre of attention! Most importantly, your child will transform into mermaid royalty, with a sparkly tail and a crown to set off the look! During the session, they will experience the magic of mermaid swimming in a private session. Finally, at the end of the party, each child will receive a certificate.

Mermaid and Shark Club

Mermaid club is a ‘free choice’ session. Your child will be able to put their mermaid skills to good use during an unstructured session, with all of my equipment and teaching on hand! In other words, they get to do what they want! Most importantly, myself and my equipment are there to ensure they are safe and have fun!

Adult Mermaid and Shark Experiences

Take some time out for yourself to have fun, stay active and experience the wonder of mermaid swimming. If you love swimming, you will love this… a new way to experience a sport you love (and a chance to do handstands and forward rolls!). Learn tail flicks and more!

What happens in a typical mermaid and shark session?

This infographic describes what happens in a typical mermaid or shark session.  Not all the time in spent in fins! It's so important that the skills are learnt before the fins go on, but I will teach you all of that!
Mermaids and Sharks