This mermaid washi tape card is so easy to make but is incredibly effective!

Mermaid Washi Tape Card by South Coast Mermaids

I created this mermaid washi tape card for a mermaid that I knew I wouldn’t see for a little while, and wrote on the inside ‘Hope to ‘sea’ you soon’. Perfect for keeping with the mermaid theme.

You will need:

  • card
  • cardboard
  • washi tape (I got my mermaid themed tape from The Range)
  • outline of mermaid tail (from one of my certificates!)
  • 3-D paint (Poundland or The Range)
  • pen
  • envelope

How to make your mermaid washi tape card:

Mermaid washi tape on card
Washi tape

Stick the washi tape down onto a piece of card – use different colours and patterns but make sure there is no gap. Layer them, thinking about any space you have. If you have any washi tape with writing, make sure it will fit inside your design.

On the back of your piece of cardboard, draw around the mermaid tail. Then, cut it out.

Make sure all the tape is stuck down, then stick the cut out onto a folded piece of card.

Decorate your card! I added puffy paint to mine to highlight the mermaid tail coming out of the water. I also put a strip of washi tape down the side.

At this point, you could add glitter, water splashes, gems – whatever you would like. I decided to keep mine simple!

Mermaid greeting 'hope to sea you soon' inside mermaid washi tape card

Write your greeting on the inside:


‘Sea’ you soon

Have a ‘mermazing’ day!

‘Mermaid kisses and starfish wishes’

Mermaid Washi Tape Card by South Coast Mermaids
The finished card!

Now, send it to someone you care about! Or, make it as a birthday card for a mermaid’s birthday! You could even make them as invitations for you mermaid party.

I hope they love the mermaid washi tape card! I had so much fun making it! Have you made one yet? I would LOVE to see it! Show me in the comments below!

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