Yay! Your child is loving swimming and becoming more confident. Maybe they don’t quite meet our swimming requirements… but you can still make their mermaid dreams come true! With these parties, each child is supported one to one by an adult, ensuring they are safe and supported. These parties are NOT suitable for children with no swimming ability.

Your mini mermaid birthday story…

The magical beginning…

Your son or daughter will be the first to choose which tail to wear. Your child will be treated like mermaid royalty and you can take photos of them all dressed up!

Afterwards all their friends can get in the photo – with the addition of mermaid photo props!

The warm up…

Next, we get everyone fitted out with tails and we take some photos (dryside… but they will get wet!). We then take the tails off.

[Subtly, I teach the children how to put the tails on and take them off safely.]

The children will take part in a fun warm up (without tails!). I secretly assess their swimming ability.

Some of our magical mermaid props!

Some mermaid skills without fins!

Next your children and their friends will be led through some activities without fins that they will use later, such as push and glides, mermaid rolls, handstands, forward rolls and swimming on their back.

Once they have got some of the skills perfected (with some top tips to help them improve), the children will pop their fins on!

Time to transform into mermaids and sharks!

Children are supported 1-1 by an adult.

They then get the opportunity to try them out and try some of the skills they have learnt with some progressions. For example, handstands with tail flicks! Additionally, we add in treasure, seaweed and the hoop!

A mini mermaid swimming to her adult!

Life is the bubbles…

Next, there is some free time, without fins, to have fun in the pool and enjoy time with their friends. Your child can enjoy the inflatables and toys that I have!

Splashing fun!
Fun on the inflatables.

After free time, we sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to the birthday girl! Your mermaid or merman will get to show off their tail and wear their crown!

Happy Birthday!

Time to relax…

Supported floating!

The children will get to cool down with some supported floating on their back in their tails.

Finally, the tails come off! The magic doesn’t stop there!

At the end, each child receives a certificate to remind them of this amazing party!

Are you interested in one of these magical parties? Contact anna@southcoastmermaids.com to book!