Here are the details all about the sponsored mermaid swim and how I achieved the world record! I needed to swim for 12 hours in a mermaid tail, which had never been done before.

Details of distances for the sponsored swim
Distances Swum – Sponsored Swim

World Record Achieved:

  • I swam for 12 hours as a mermaid
  • I swam 1216 lengths of a 25 metre pool 
  • The total distance I swam as a mermaid came to 30.4km

Unfortunately, I had not heard back from Guinness World Records before the event, but there’s always next time to make it official….

(Isaac may have a sense of humour failure if I attempted it again!)

Amazing details:

  • I had 32 people swim alongside me, and they swam a total of 60.625km  [I still don’t understand how someone swam a half lap?!]
  • The total distance that everyone swam was 92.025 km  – lets round it down to 92km. 
  • We have raised approximately £1,100 but money is coming in every day still… so I will give you the final total in October when I have calculated it – I’m thinking early next week (week of 14th October). The goal was to raise £1,200 so I’m hoping we smash it!
  • The tail that you see me swimming in (more on that soon) was custom made for me by FinFun, inspired by Arundel Castle and it even feature my 4th generation wedding veil! I will post more about this amazing tail all in a blog post all of its own!

What kept me going:

People cheering me on, Jelly Babies, chocolate covered peanuts and Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone on my waterproof MP3 player!  Steven Fry is just fantastic at doing all the voices. A pep talk from Isaac, Nikki, Jay and Jo (Jo’s was right when I needed it – see hour 10!).  Also, my Time4Nutrition drink – totally amazing (and I will post more about that soon!).

What I struggled with:

I really struggled when I got cramp around hour 9 and had to get out for about 10 minutes – I was so cross.  The time stopped every time I stopped.  This was my longest break and one I didn’t feel I would have needed if I hadn’t got cramp. 

I also struggled massively around hour 10.  Everyone cheered because I’d completed 1000 lengths (and 25km).  However, I just sobbed because I didn’t want to celebrate when I felt so far away from the end.  However, a pep talk from my friend later, I kept going.  I finished with a smile. 

I didn’t really want to talk after the event – so there isn’t a lot of footage. 

However, read my story about the swim here

The next day, I was ok! My face felt sunburnt/wind burnt. I managed to walk Cody to school which I was quite impressed with.

There is still time: sponsor me here!


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