Thank you for choosing to swim alongside me. It means so much to me and hopefully we can raise lots of money for the two amazing charities.

First, book your training session and please fill in this google form: Then read below about sponsorship and training.


  • You can collect money and bring it on the day – there are sponsorship forms below
  • Your sponsors can donate via the online pages below and leave a note for you (it saves setting up your own page)
  • You can set up your own online sponsorship pages ( for Arundel Lido and Just Giving for Chestnut Tree House)
  • You/your sponsors can buy raffle tickets

You can sponsor me/the swimmers for Arundel Lido here ( or download a sponsorship form here if you are swimming.

You can sponsor me/the swimmers for Chestnut Tree House here (JustGiving) or download a sponsorship form here if you are swimming.

I am passionate about swimming for FUN! Both of these charities help make that a reality for so many people.


You should attend a training session to learn some of the techniques for swimming in a mermaid tail for an extended length of time. We will work on breathing technique and make sure you are comfortable with your stroke.

If you have not swum in a mermaid tail before, you must attend one of these events if you are going to take part in the sponsored swim.

If you have swum with me before, you are still expected to attend one of these events. Swimming as a mermaid during an experience session is very different to swimming lengths as a mermaid.

(There are exceptions [e.g. Fin2Fit instructors, swimming instructors that have swum with me before], please discuss with me if you are not sure).

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