It’s summer already! I am so excited for some time off with my family and so we have all contributed to this ‘summer activities list’ (check it out below for a FREE download!).

We crossed two things off today as we cycled to the swimming pool and went swimming!

I’m going to talk through some of my ‘must do’ summer activities 2019…

1 – Outdoor Cinema

Now…. I’ve done a ‘drive-in’ movie when we lived in America, but I’ve seen that Chichester Cinema at New Park have got a film festival with outdoor films on our doorstep!

How exciting is this? [most of you know my obsession with all things Disney!] Combining Disney with outdoor cinema! Summer Activity goals!!

This also works well with ‘sleepover at the grandparents!’ – Cody will be happy!

2 – Beach day and swimming in the sea…

West Wittering - Isaac standing looking out to sea - a summer activities must do!
Isaac at West Wittering

I’m hoping we could combine these two if the weather is on our side! As a family, we love heading down to West Wittering, so it wouldn’t feel like summer unless we spent a day down at the beach!

3 – Craft day(s)

I have so enjoyed creating crafts for the blog for you all… so summer is going to be full of creative activities!

I’ve got so many more things planned – perfect for summer activities with your mermaid or merman.

What crafts would you like to see?

Check out my Pinterest here!

4 – Explore new parks

There are so many lovely (and free!) parks around, so we will be trying to find new ones (bonus if we can cycle there). Which are your favourites? Let me know if the comments!

However, one we will be visiting is a newly developed one in Arundel (we will possibly combine it with a visit to Arundel Lido)

5 – Paddle-boarding

Ooohh…. to learn something new! I’ve got a feeling I’m going to get hooked on this. Luckily I’ve got a friend that has a board that is willing to let me try it out before I have to purchase one of my own…

Also, luckily, he lives near the beach, so I won’t have to worry about transporting it on my tiny car! [I probably should warn him that I’m taking him up on his offer…. from last year! Adrian… here it is!]

Summer activities include Stand up Paddle boarding
Image from the Aqualiving blog – here

Luckily… if I do decide to purchase… I know who I will be contacting… check out Aqualiving – a local small business, with a heart for eco-living and all water based sports! They sell everything from toys to SUP paddle boards!

Summer Activity Goals….

Summer activities 2019 - thumbnail image of free pdf download
Summer activities 2019 from South Coast Mermaids

You can grab my Summer Activities 2019 list here

What are you plans? What would you add to my list?

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