Safety is of paramount importance.  South Coast Mermaids are Water Safety Partners with RLSS UK.

To swim with us, your child will need to have achieved Swim England Stage 5 (Previously ASA Stage 5).

To ensure everyone’s safety, if your child does not have Swim England Stage 5 but has an equivalent, they still must be able to complete the following:

Children must:
– be able to swim 25m confidently on their front and back
– be able to tread water for 30 seconds
– be able to roll over in the water horizontally
– be happy going under the water
– be able to perform a dolphin kick

We will do a fun warm up in which we will assess their ability to complete these skills. Any children who are unable to manage these skills will not be able to wear a monofin or tail.  This also forms part of our terms and conditions.